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Instead of trying to force a square peg into a round hole, my clients learn how to tailor tools, thinking and habits to go with their flow, while reaching their highest potential in productivity and success.  Professionals who invest in coaching often see an immediate increase in their earning  and performance. 

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People with ADD / ADHD will often say: "I know what to do, but I don't know how to get myself to DO it." You may have purchased many self-help books, but did not get far with them.   My training provides step-by-step instruction for how to identify your own particular roadblocks and apply strategies to overcome them.

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Are you stressed out over  ADD / ADHD traits? Learn solutions for your particular challenges. Live online programs are coming up on Procrastination Transformation, ADHD Productivity, and a live workshop at NYU.  Plus downloadable audio classes with complete notes teach unique strategies to learn at your own pace.

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Meet Bonnie Mincu, MA, MBA Senior Certified ADHD Coach

Bonnie Mincu, ADHD Coach
I’m Bonnie Mincu, a Senior Certified ADHD Coach working with ADD – ADHD Adults. I came to specialize in this area after being diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder myself in my mid-40′s. Like many people, I did not fit the commonly known stereotype of hyperactive AD/HD, and had gone most of my life without being diagnosed. I had been a successful corporate manager, and didn’t run into difficulties until I left the structure of corporate consulting to open Mincu & Associates, my own coaching/consulting/training practice.

My training and personal history prepared me to work with the special challenges facing ADD – ADHD adults. My particular strengths lie in helping clients develop strategies to enhance their lives in several areas.
  • Creating vision and career direction
  • Keeping on track for schedules and project completion
  • Overcoming chronic lateness and clutter
  • Developing awareness of how ADD – ADHD affects interactions and impacts relationships
  • Working with the ADD – ADHD gifts of creativity and intuitiveness to develop strengths

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Questions about medication for Adult ADD-ADHD

Questions about ADHD Medication

When You Don’t Know Who to Ask In my ADHD coaching practice, I don’t require my clients to be on medication in order to work with me. But when the word “focus” comes up repeatedly as a client’s reason for frustration, I do suggest that they look into treatment. At that point, people are more…