Disorganized with ADHD?

Your Organizing Profile
The right solution for you depends on your organizing profile

Many people with traits of ADD / ADHD would simply say “I’m disorganized.”

But disorganization can take on many forms.  You can have either an organized or disorganized nature, and a brain that either thinks in an organized way… or not.  It’s possible for your brain and your nature to be at odds with each other. 

Understanding the nature of your own kind of disorganization will help you in determining the kind of solution you need.

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Your Organizing Profile


Your Nature…or Your Brain?

Some people tend to be disorganized by nature.  They really don’t pay much attention to organization, where they put things, how information is filed.  As a result, they spend a lot of time looking for what they need, but are not very consciously impacted by it.  They may not realize how much time they waste simply due to lack of  organization.  Once it’s brought to their attention, they can develop a system… but will only stick to it if motivated.

Others care very much about being organized, but their ADD / ADHD brain doesn’t cooperate in helping them develop a system.  These are people who are actually organized by nature, but look disorganized to others.  People in this category may feel deeply ashamed of their messy house or chaotic process, but don’t know what to do about it.  Once they are given a system they can follow and relate to, they do very well.

Discover Your Organizing Profile

I’ve developed the Organizing Profile after 16 years of coaching ADD / ADHD Adults through clutter and solutions for organization.  Your Organizing Profile will help you determine whether your needs are for help in developing a system, help in creating habits, or both.

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