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Overcome any ADD / ADHD roadblocks with the right tools.

Feeling overwhelmed, disorganized & frustrated? Our training courses are designed to provide effective solutions for ADD / ADHD roadblocks of all kinds, from time management to procrastination and every kind of productivity challenge in between.

Whether audio recordings of live teleseminars or live webinars to view, programs come with complete well-organized notes for you to keep.  The audio is also yours to download and play as often as you like.

All training is created and delivered by Bonnie Mincu, Senior Certified ADHD Coach.

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ADHD personal life distracts from work

Is it ADHD distraction when your personal life affects work?

In a personal crisis, how much spillover into work is “normal”? At what point does an inability to shut out your problems become an ADD-type focus issue? This question was on the mind of my ADHD coaching client, Daniel, who was in the process of launching a new business.  At a critical time in the Read post.

Fidget Spinners help ADHD adults to focus...

Do Fidget Spinners Help ADHD Adults to Focus

The dubious benefits of fidget spinners for ADHD One of my readers, Drew, emailed me today: “What do you think about fidget spinners? Can they really help with ADHD?” I admit I drew a blank, because I hadn’t heard of fidget spinners.As an excuse, for months now, I’ve been knee deep in creating my Productivity Read post.

The Simple Trick of Organized ADHD People

Forget about your memory!   Have you been embarrassed at not remembering what you’re told at work? Have you had to admit that you “mis-remembered” an appointment? Your problem isn’t your memory.  It’s the belief that you should be relying on memory in the first place. Many with ADD / ADHD don’t take notes in Read post.