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There IS a “Cure” for Procrastination

As an ADD / ADHD Adult, chances are that you’d say procrastination is one of your most frustrating challenges. Of course you want to get started. But for reasons you can’t figure out, you can’t make yourself begin. Delaying has cost you career opportunities, money, educational credentials, peace of mind, and may have even hurt relationships.

But usually, with ADD, simple procrastination doesn’t tell the whole story. You may have simply accepted that you procrastinate and haven’t taken it any further than that. You may have even labeled yourself ‘stupid’ or ‘lazy.’ Or worse, accepted false evaluations of your character and motivations such as:

  • Deep down, I must not really want to achieve this.
  • There’s something the matter with me, to sabotage myself.
  • I probably fear success.

The Getting Started Teleclass will give you a better answer.

Your Ideal Strategy for Getting Started Depends on What’s Stopping You

You may have trouble getting started because of a variety of different reasons. These could include:

  • Distraction – meaning to start, but getting pulled to something else
  • Competing Priorities – not being able to decide what to do first
  • Paralysis – feeling overwhelmed and stuck
  • Poor Time Sense – not realizing how long it would take
  • Needing the rush of crisis – requiring a last-minute “sprint”

No matter what your reasons are for not getting started, you need STRATEGIES to help you move beyond procrastination. The strategies that will work for you must be customized, tailored to your particular tendencies and ADD / ADHD challenges. This “Getting Started” teleclass will give you solutions for every different kind of difficulty getting started.

What’s Covered in the Class

This 90-minute recording will be 60 minutes of information, with 30 minutes built in for discussion and questions.

In “Getting Started,” you will learn:

  • Nine typical problems ADDers have with getting started, and why
  • Strategies for all kinds of procrastination issues
  • Ideas for how to create customized solutions to fit your own traits
  • Tips for prioritizing and determining “what comes first”
  • Tools for learning to predict how long things take
  • How to recognize your unconscious assumptions that lead to delays
  • When to break the rules of conventional wisdom

You’ll learn a new blueprint for starting the projects you’ve been putting off. DOWNLOAD NOW!

This class is led by Bonnie Mincu, MA, MBA, Senior Certified ADHD Coach.

Notes and Audio Recording Included

Details to DOWNLOAD the recording and notes will be emailed to you immediately upon completing your registration/purchase.

CLICK HERE to purchase and download.  Listen at your convenience

Length – 90 minutes     Price – $37


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