Procrastination Transformation™ Key

Procrastination Transformation Key – Click here to download

For someone who is ADD / ADHD and can’t get started on projects or tasks, identifying the nature of the problem is the critical first step to finding the right strategy or solution.

The “Procrastination Transformation Key” tool is a one-page diagram to help you easily determine the exact nature of your difficulty in “getting yourself to DO it.”   It allows you to see, at a glance, various reasons you might be stuck in procrastination, or feeling mentally paralyzed.

Your answer will likely be different for different tasks.

Click here to view and download your Procrastination Transformation Key.

Click here for a program of SOLUTIONS to your problems getting started.

NOTE: Reading the “Procrastination Transformation Key” tool document requires Adobe Acrobat Reader software, already installed on almost all computers. If you don’t have a current version (7.0 or higher), you can get it as a free download at

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