Get Unstuck with Mind-Mapping

Your Best Technique for Writing, Planning and Study


Get Unstuck with MindmappingCLASS DESCRIPTION

Have you ever experienced ‘Writer's Block' or ‘Brain-Freeze?'?

Let me introduce you to an ADD Adult's best solution for writing, planning and thinking.

In this telephone class, we'll discuss how “Mind-Mapping,” a simple technique using paper and pencil, can help overcome feelings of paralysis, overwhelm, writer's block and brain-freeze when you're faced with projects involving planning, writing or study.

Every one of my ADD clients who have tried this technique — including students, novelists, architects, web designers and entrepreneurs — were enthusiastic about their new ability to get “unstuck” in their thinking. Originally, I considered mind-mapping as a tool just for writing and organizing information. Students who needed to write reports found mind maps to be a great technique for getting started. But I now realize the value of mind-mapping for just about any kind of planning.

Take this class, and be prepared to move forward in ways you never have before!

What is a Mind Map?

A mind map is a simple paper and pencil way of capturing
your thoughts and getting them down on paper, without having to agonize over organization and prioritizing.

It's a perfect method for ADDers because it encourages your mind to roam freely on a subject, without boxing yourself into a structure that you find tedious or constricting. You can use it for anything, from plotting out the steps of a project to creating a business strategy.

      Here are some different ways my coaching clients have had successful break-throughs using mind-map techniques:
  • Designing a client's website
  • Creating a new business plan
  • Planning a room addition
  • Developing an action plan for job-hunting
  • Plotting a discussion with child's teacher
  • Writing a Personal Development Plan for the boss
  • Developing a marketing plan
  • Outlining a book proposal

 What’s Covered in the Class?

This 90-minute teleclass will be 60 minutes of information, with 30 minutes built in for discussion and questions. You'll learn how to quickly create a mind-map, how to develop an outline from a mind-map, and how to write a paper without experiencing writer's block. We'll also consider the best working environment for you to do your mind-mapping in.

Download Notes and Audio Recording

Upon purchase/registration, you'll be sent an email with links to download the class recording, as well as comprehensive class notes.

Ready to break through your blocks?

Listen at your convenience – 90 minutes

$37 price includes downloadable audio recording
and complete notes

This class is led by Bonnie Mincu, MA, MBA, Senior Certified ADHD Coach.

NOTES and AUDIO INCLUDED in $37 price

CLICK HERE to download notes and audio. Listen at your convenience
Length – 90 minutes Price – $37    

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