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Productivity Pathfinder

Finally, a way to real, lasting freedom from the stumbling blocks that have kept you back for so long.

Join us in a whole new life with Productivity Pathfinder!

A supportive community of like-minded learners on a journey to truly thriving with your ADD/ADHD.

This is the program you’ve been looking for.

Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • Full Access to Our Exclusive Private Community
  • 10 Months of Live Monthly Workshops
  • 10 Months of Live Q&A Webinars Monthly
  • A Complete Course by Certified ADD/ADHD Coach, Bonnie Mincu, covering…
  • Pre-Work Introduction to your MINDSET
  • The 5 WHY's (Intentions)
  • Procrastionation Tree (Infographic)

Here's What You Get:


  • Intention Tracking
  • Simple Procrastination (environment, entertainment, adrenaline)
  • Complex Procrastination (intro to Mind-Mapping)
  • Learning curve
  • RITUALS to create habits
  • WORK IT - "Get It Done Fast"


  • Hyper-focus on tasks
  • Hyper-focus on thoughts / Rumination
  • Can't Focus (too distracting, too quiet)
  • Something needed first (Quick & Dirty Planning)
  • Can't find it
  • BONUS: Clear Clutter Now


  • Team You
  • Shame / Avoidance
  • Fear (of looking stupid)
  • Waiting for what (“5 Waits”)
  • Overwhelm - modalities, triggers
  • Pleaser
  • Perfectionism
  • BONUS: Break the Chains of Shame


  • Time Sense (tool to develop sense of time)
  • Prioritizing (Urgent, Important & Consequences)
  • Breaking Steps Down
  • Calendars & Planners
  • Simple am/pm Planning Tool
  • Perfectionism
  • BONUS: Quick & Dirty Planning


  • Breaking down steps (Mind-Mapping)
  • Sequencing
  • Decision Making
  • Timing
  • Task Batching
  • Long-Term Strategic Planning


  • 5 stages of follow-through
  • Vision
  • Feasibility
  • Strategy
  • Implementation
  • Completion (Loose Ends)

ORGANIZING / "Get Your Act Together"

  • Manage other people’s expectations
  • Manage others’ perceptions of you
  • Clear Clutter
  • BONUS: Relationships

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