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Bonnie Mincu
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The Simple Trick of Organized ADHD People

Forget about your memory! Have you been embarrassed at not remembering what you’re told at work? Have you had to admit that you “mis-remembered” an appointment? Your problem isn’t your memory.  It’s the belief that you should be relying on memory in the first place. Many with ADD / ADHD don’t take notes in meetings, Read post.

Ability for Impulsive Action an ADHD Asset

Sometimes changing course quickly is the best decision We’ve always heard that we should stick to what we start, follow through, and strive to meet our goals.  With ADD / ADHD traits, we may have heard that advice more often than most. Because, honestly, “staying the course” is usually not what we tend to do. Read post.

Is Motivation Over-Rated?

You’ve probably noticed that the word “should” isn’t especially motivating. No surprise – Our ADD / ADHD brain-wiring doesn’t respond to what we ‘should’ do.  Unless we’re really interested in a task, we have a pretty hard time staying focused on it for any great length of time.  Sometimes, we require the stimulus of a Read post.