The 74-minute “Thrive with ADD” Audio Workshop is designed for both entertaining listening and self-study. It is presented with the understanding that every ADD – AD/HD adult is unique, and will require their own set of strategies that work with their ADD traits and tendencies.

After each topic, a series of thought questions are posed for you to answer about yourself. These will help you start to create your own best strategies for areas that are challenging to you.

Knowledge gained in the audio workshop builds, so it’s best to first listen to it all the way through. Because each topic is on a separate audio track, it will be easy to re-listen to your most relevant sections.


  1. Introduction
  2. Overview and Traits
  3. Terminology and Concepts
  4. Challenges to Focus
  5. Hyper-Focus
  6. Habits and Rituals
  7. ADD-Influenced Beliefs
  8. Modalities


  1. Introduction to Part II
  2. Mundane Tasks: Do, Dump or Delegate
  3. Details
  4. Follow-Through
  5. Structure and Environment
  6. Distraction
  7. Clutter
  8. Perfection / Procrastination
  9. Multi-Tasking
  10. Time Management / Time Sense
  11. For More Information

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