Are you sick of the traits of ADD / ADHD tripping you up?

Take back control of your productivity...

It's time to become the MASTER


with a step by step system for ADHD self-mastery...

You always have great intentions, but... for whatever reason...
nothing gets done

You start out saying THIS WEEK you’ll get things done, be on time, get organized and plan your next project.  But -- once again -- another week goes by and nothing has changed.

Do any of these sound like you?

  • You have trouble getting started on tasks, and often accomplish nothing all day
  • Your chronic lateness has affected relationships and hurt your professional reputation
  • You feel overwhelmed at the thought of having to plan or prioritize
  • You get paralyzed when you have to make decisions
  • You have lost out on opportunities because you didn’t feel “ready”
  • You are so stressed out at your lack of productivity that you can’t relax with your family.
  • Your clutter has kept you from inviting people into your home.
  • You feel deep shame at being unable to do things that others seem to have no problem with.

Do you feel like you’re the only one you know with these problems?

Trust me, you are NOT alone in this struggle!

The challenges you’re experiencing are very common for adults with ADD / ADHD.

You are NOT doomed to continue struggling with procrastination, time management, overwhelm, paralysis, poor follow-through…. all the tendencies that undermine your productivity and keep you from meeting your goals.

I know, and I’ve been there!


I’m Bonnie Mincu, Senior Certified ADHD Coach
and founder of “Thrive with ADD.”

Since 2001, I’ve been helping my clients develop personalized strategies to overcome, break through or master the tendencies that have been holding them back from becoming the person they wanted to be.

Bonnie Mincu - Senior Certified ADHD Coach

A Personal Note

When I left my consulting job to start my own business after 23 years in the corporate world, my intention was to continue to serve organizations as an independent corporate trainer, change management consultant and business coach.

Instead, with no clients or accountability, I found myself floundering.  I slept late, avoided my desk, and wasted hours of time procrastinating instead of doing what I had to do to build my business.

Since I’d never been without structure and deadlines before, I had no idea what was wrong with me.

It turned out I had ADD.  I found this so intriguing that I enrolled in the ADD Coach Academy to learn how to coach other ADD / ADHD Adults…. and worked out my own solutions in that process.

Since 2001, I have coached and trained thousands of people with the traits of ADD / ADHD.  I’ve created a full-day workshop for New York University, and am an annual presenter at several ADHD conferences.

I’ve devoted my career to helping people like you – whether or not you have an ADD / ADHD diagnosis --  to become the best self you can be.

I’m very excited to introduce you to my affordable new program that’s been years in the making.


To become the person you want to be,
you must learn how to become the MASTER of YOURSELF

Reaching your full potential requires that you are in control of yourself, and not feel that your ADD-type brain and tendencies control YOU.

I call this process of transformation “SELF-MASTERY.”

It is not quick.

Quick fixes
won't create lasting change

Intense learning in training programs that are only a few weeks long can only succeed in teaching you the first piece – the tools and strategies.

No matter how great those strategies are, often mindset blocks stop people from successfully implementing them and seeing results.

To create true ADD / ADHD self mastery, you need to integrate several critical pieces:

There are 4 pieces required for ADD / ADHD Self-Mastery

1. Tailored TRAINING -

Learning tools, techniques, and strategies that work with your own tendencies rather than force-fitting yourself into ones that don’t suit you.

It can feel empowering to learn techniques and get new tools – especially when you actively participate in the training. But there’s a catch --- you have to actually use the strategies to gain the SKILLS that you need.


Managing any perceptions, assumptions and fears and are holding you back

Mindset challenges that can hold you hostage include emotions like shame and fear, tendencies such as “analysis paralysis” or perfectionism, or a need for certainty or confidence before making a move. Your mindset can sabotage your ability to change, no matter what tools you learn.


Creating customized strategies to change behavior and habits

These strategies, combining skills and insights, are the answer for how to get yourself to do what you need to, both day-to-day and over the long term.

And this is the ingredient that’s usually left out…

4. Gift of TIME

Taking the time – with help and guidance -- to break down and perfect the strategies and make them work for you (and so you don’t give up and abandon the effort prematurely.)

Time is crucial for transformation, self-mastery, or any meaningful change to really stick.

You don't come with an operating manual

You are not a machine that arrived on Earth with step-by-step instructions.

Your unique combination of ADD traits will be overlaid by your own personality, tendencies and preferences.  All of these different aspects of yourself interact with each other to affect the kinds of strategies that will work for you.

That means you need enough time to test, tweak, evaluate, practice and gain confidence in this new journey, while being guided and supported along the way.

To transform your results,
learn how to work with the complex human being that you are

Introducing ...

A membership-based training program
for ADD / ADHD adults
(or those with similar traits)

at a very AFFORDABLE monthly rate

A step by step system for ADHD self-mastery

The Pathfinder program is gentle training journey, rather than an intense course.  You'll be guided, week by week, through a process of learning, interaction, and practicing the strategies your learn as you begin to confidently gain control of your productivity and your life.

Here's what we'll cover in the program:

Bust Through  Roadblocks


Discover your particular roadblocks – from procrastination to the many reasons for mental paralysis -- that keep you from getting started and sabotage your intentions.


Beat simple “I just don’t feel like it” procrastination, by fooling your brain into motivation, and developing rituals to create habits  (so you can automatically do those annoying everyday tasks that now seem like such a pain!)


Break down a complex project into distinct, simple action steps; then determine how to start with a visualization technique that ends any “where do I start?” panic


Clear clutter quickly with a rapid no-brainer sorting technique that actually makes organizing intuitive and fun

Challenge and Manage Your Mind


Take back control of your thoughts and actions as you gain an intimate understanding of the mind-set and assumptions you hold, the unique set of “characters” living in your brain, and what triggers them to take over


Stop overwhelm at the root by identifying the real cause each time and overcoming what is really shutting your brain down

Learn solutions for the mental blocks of perfectionism and rumination  that keep you stressed and stuck:  turn questions and unclear direction  into an action step


Break the chains of shame – toxic shame often creates worse problems than ADHD itself! Learn how to keep yourself out of dysfunctional shame-based avoidance!

Defeat fear with rationality using a quick “analytical” tool… and use a secret weapon to communicate confidently without “fear of looking stupid” (this works like crazy on difficult people!)

Gain a Sense of Time


Dramatically improve your “time sense” – with my Time Sense Tool, you’ll learn to accurately estimate how long things will take, no matter how off-base your predictions currently are.
WARNING:  This alone can change your life!

Be on time for anything and meet your deadlines – with an accurate time sense, you’ll gain new insights into exactly what makes you late every time, and will learn how to create realistic timetables for your projects



Stay on top of your schedule Create a solid calendar habit with a two-step ritual, to avoid double-booking or forgetting appointments.
-  Pleasers:
  End over-commitment with baby-steps to learn how to say “no!”

Learn your optimal amount of structure – Discover whether you’re guided by a strong “inner rebel,” you revel in firm structure, or you’re somewhere in between… to choose the best kind of planner for your needs.

Plan with Purpose


Learn Pathfinder Task Batching, the ultimate planning tool for making productivity-based planning decisions – See all your to-do action steps at a glance and easily choose what type of task to work on and when, to maximize your personal efficiency and focus throughout the day


Power your prioritizing with this ADD-friendly system for thinking through what to work on first, and what can wait for later

Decide with confidence - the “Confident Decider” technique removes the stress of uncertainty as you lay down multiple options, and compare them across as many criteria as you need.


Make strategic planning decisions - the Strategic Calendar creates a visual representation of your projects over a longer term to see at a glance what periods are over-committed, or your best times to take a vacation.

Reach Your Goals, Control Your Life


Learn the 5 Stages of Follow-Through, and identify your own “Follow Through IQ.” Seeing your particular pattern of strengths and weaknesses over the different stages provides insight for improvement.

Work through defining all 5 Follow-Through stages for a particular project of your own, using case studies and knowledge of your own traits and tendencies to help develop your ideal strategies.


Stay on top of your projects’ status at all times with a simple template and ritual.  Gain a proactive reputation as you learn how to manage other people’s expectations and elevate their perception of you … to maintain their trust, even when things go wrong!

Become an influencer – learn how to use awareness of personal behavior style to communicate most effectively with any individual… even difficult people who don’t “get” you

A step by step system for ADHD Self-Mastery

Each lesson gives just enough strategies to get you started, without overwhelm.

This time-frame and the well-structured sessions have given me a chance to create a manageable overview in my mind, both of barriers and strategies for overcoming them, and also of how each issue relates to each other.

This is much more effective than reading books, or even attending groups.

Because you can go back to a session and access the handouts, there is no stress to get it all done at once, but it’s cohesive and I feel held accountable (to myself!) without external pressure.

Barbara W., Sweden

Here's How It Works:

The gentle journey to self-mastery..

Pathfinder is designed as an ongoing membership program, rather than an intense course.  It will take you through 5 stages, progressively building your skills, attaining new insights, and seeing your habits change.

My goal is to ensure that you take full control of your productivity, with confidence that YOU are in charge – not your ADD traits.   Quick tips and band-aid solutions simply won’t get you there.  If they had… well, you wouldn’t be reading this now!

In all, it will take about 40 weeks to get through all of the lesson topics at a gentle pace that allows you to thoroughly integrate what you learn.

This no-pressure pace gives you the gift of TIME that you may never have granted yourself.

You don’t have to continue for the full 40 weeks. But I’m confident that once you start to experience the transformations in Pathfinder you’ll be excited to complete the journey!

You’ll also have opportunities to sprint…

Within Pathfinder, you’ll be interacting with people at all different levels.  You'll have the chance to hear about strategies that may be further ahead, and to try them if you'd like.

Here's What You Get:


  • Short, bite-sized pieces - Each week, you will open up a new lesson that takes you further along your path. These were designed to be overwhelm-proof, focusing on just one key concept at a time.  Each lesson is SHORT!
  • Video, audio and notes - The material is presented to serve all learning modalities, and you can choose the way you prefer to consume it: Viewing, listening, reading, or all three.  You are encouraged to download the material so you’ll have it permanently.



Each month, there will be at least one scheduled live Q&A session with me where you can “ASK ME ANYTHING!”  That means you don’t have to worry about what level you are when you ask questions.  People at all different levels will be on the calls.

  • Calls are recorded – If you can’t make the call during its live scheduling, you may type your question in advance into the call webpage’s question box, and hear me answer it when you listen to the recording.


LIVE “WORK-IT” SESSIONS: Get Things Done while you Learn!

You’ll love the “WORK IT” sessions where you’ll learn specific techniques and actually apply them as you listen to the webinar.  You’ll get extra Q&A time as well.   (The recording of the live sessions will feel just like you’re there!)  Expect to be surprised by your results during the session!

  • WORK IT – Get It Done Fast!
    Use timer games in different ways to plow through those boring tasks you’ve been procrastinating on.  You’ll get them done in record time during the live session, using me and the group as “body doubles” to help you focus.   While you work in short timed bursts, I’ll answer any questions you submit… so you get an extra Q&A opportunity.
  • WORK IT – Clear Clutter Now!
    Work as you learn my ADD-friendly system for clearing clutter fast, based on a rapid no-brainer sorting method.  Instead of the tedium of endless decision-making, you’ll love this exhilarating way of busting through your clutter without stress or boredom.  Count on getting through a significant pile of papers or clutter during the live class.   You’ll want this replay this recording again and again.
  • WORK IT – Writing Breakthrough!
    Whether you’re a professional writer, or simply deal with email, wouldn’t it be great to get through that writing a lot quicker?  Using the approach taught in Pathfinder, work through an actual piece of your writing during the session.   You’ll be amazed how painless it is to quickly capture your thoughts, put them in order and write a quick draft.  All that’s left is the final editing touches.



Several topics warrant deeper exploration with live sessions.  These are optional “extras, to allow you to go to a deeper level with your understanding and strategies.  Free for members!



You’ll be encouraged to make weekly progress with a combination of special features:

  • Real-life Practice Assignments
    Each lesson will have suggestions of how to put what you learn into practice in your own work or personal life.  That will allow you to see for yourself how it works for you, or how you might want to modify it.
  • Self-Coaching WORKBOOK
    Keep yourself on track with the online (and downloadable) Pathfinder Workbook.  This will help you record how you intend to put the tools and concepts into use, and track your progress.
  • Reminder Emails
    Although you’ll be notified each week when you get a new Pathfinder lesson, it’s easy to forget to open it.  So if you didn’t, you’ll be reminded again to check in with the material.   (No worries… remember, each lesson is short!)



As you graduate through each of the 5 Stages of Pathfinder, you’ll earn a new digital Award Badge to celebrate your progress.  Print it out, or post it on your computer desktop for motivation!



A supportive community is of enormous value for ADD / ADHD people to know that others not only share your challenges, but also to share their success strategies, app recommendations, suggestions.  The Pathfinder Forum is a great place to learn from each other – any time, day or night!

  • Completely anonymous (NOT on Facebook!) – If you’d like to remain totally private in your forum interactions, you’re welcome to use first name only, or make up a name and choose an avatar!

Bonnie really knows her way around the ADHD brain.

And she's a delightful guide, appearing around the corner, when you've digressed, to lead you back with humor, precision, and powerful ROI persuasions.  It's wonderfully poignant to be so "known" and affectionately observed in Bonnie's well-chosen stories and her many resonant suggestions.

After years of reading books, online postings, listening to podcasts, and attending the ADD Resource's annual conference, I finally found a living framework in which to observe my patterns and gain new skills. Bonnie's provided so many different ways to access the content and spirit.  I loved having the notes, the slides, the assignments and bonus things, and printed everything out for a notebook that I'll visit often.

Leslie Sevarance, WA


Become a founding member
for just $20/month

Stay grandfathered in
at this price for life!

VIP Offer Ends Feb. 27, 2017

Your Investment


Become a Founding Member for just $20 a month

...when you join by February 27, 2017

This offer is only being extended to past members of my training programs.

Please join me to help form the Productivity Pathfinder program!

Become a Pathfinder VIP founding member when we begin on February 20, and you'll be grandfathered in at the crazy low price of $20 per month... for the life of the Pathfinder program (as long as you remain a continuous member).

I'll welcome your personal feedback to help make this the best learning and membership experience possible.

Once you sign up, you will automatically be charged the same low fee every month until you’ve achieved your “SELF-MASTERY” badge.

After achieving Self-Mastery, you may be offered the option to continue membership and gain access to additional material.

You are not under contract, and you may cancel at any time with no obligation.


A Complete Learning Experience...
Structured support, without overwhelm!

  • SHORT VIDEO LESSONS each week; you may download the video, audio and slides
  • COMPLETE NOTES, and TOOLS to download for each lesson
  • LIVE Q&A "Ask Me Anything" sessions, recorded for your replay convenience
  • LIVE "WORK IT" sessions to learn while you work a new technique - recorded for replay
  • COMMUNITY GROUP FORUM - completely private (not in Facebook) just for Pathfinder members.
  • MOTIVATIONAL BADGES mark your progress as you graduate each stage towards Self-Mastery
  • WORKBOOK for each lesson lets you record your insights and intentions, helps your self-accountability

Everything you learn is designed to SAVE you time!

Still not sure?

See Frequently Asked Questions below...


How long does the program last?  I need some answers fast.

Pathfinder was created as a distinct difference between giving you advice & information, and guiding you along a transformational journey of USING the strategies so that you OWN your productivity.

The program length to graduate through all 5 Stages is approximately 40 weeks.

In each Stage, you'll valuable insights, strategies and tools that many people have found life-changing.

It’s EASY to get quick answers.   There are loads of books, webinars, blogs and training programs with quick tips and “Top 10” lists of advice.  (I give plenty of quick training on various topics myself!)  But quick answers, without understanding how to develop strategies or how to apply them to your own situation, aren’t going to get you far enough.

You can waste years searching for that quick fix and avoiding actually changing anything.  And sadly, a great many ADD people do.

You WILL have the opportunity for quicker answers for specific needs you have.  The monthly live Q&A sessions are times to “ask anything!”  You’ll also be able to pose questions in the Community Forum.

How much time will the program take each week?

Pathfinder has been created for BUSY people like you who don’t have time for long, involved lessons.  That’s why each lesson is small, short and bite-sized.  Even if you miss several weeks, you’ll catch up easily.

The suggested practice assignments are all ones that fit into your own routine, and should help you do what you do better and faster.  The point is to save you time, not make you work more!

A lot of that overwhelm comes from running in place, instead of knowing HOW to work more efficiently, and to approach your work in a calm, confident and systematic way.  Learning how to get out of your own way is what ADHD “self-mastery” is all about.

I feel so ashamed of not being able to do what I should. Can I learn without getting depressed looking at my failures?

That kind of shame is the biggest roadblock of all.  That’s why understanding your mind-set is so important.  If you think about it, you must realize that avoiding identifying your own pattern of roadblocks (and they are roadblocks, not “failures!”) is why you’ll continue to get tripped up by the same thing over and over again.

Imagine how great it would feel to KNOW the solutions that will work for you, ACCEPT that they’ll take a little trial and error, and be able to take PRIDE in your step-by-step improvements!

I’ve tried so many times and nothing worked. Why would this be any different?

Without an ADHD coach or systematic process, “trying” different solutions can seem like a random shot in the dark.

Have you gone through any process of self-awareness to identify the kinds of solutions that YOU need, at a particular time, and for a particular problem?   When you decided a solution “didn’t work,” did you work through exactly WHAT didn’t work about it?

ADD-type impatience can make us quick to abandon things that may have actually worked quite well. 

With traits of ADD / ADHD, the RIGHT strategy is likely one that’s been customized to suit YOU.  There are a lot of factors that can make a strategy “right … or make it seem wrong!  A simple tweak might have made all the difference.  Or perhaps the new solution simply wasn’t done long enough to become a habit.

Pathfinder gives you the step-by-step process, the time, and expert guidance, to work through developing the perfect strategies for you.

Do I have to follow the program in a particular order?

This program was designed to build up your knowledge and insight over time, at a pace that allows you to integrate each new piece into your life.  The material builds on previous lessons.  Of course, as in any training, there may be times when you are given a piece of information that you already know.  In those cases, your focus can go deeper into whether you’re applying it most effectively to get the results you want.

Remember, your goal is to reach Self-Mastery.  So the value you’ll gain from participating in Pathfinder is in customizing what you learn and applying it best to yourself.

If it’s not right for me, how can I cancel?

You are not under contract, and you may cancel at any time with no obligation.

To end your monthly recurring membership, simply click the cancellation button in your Pathfinder members’ website, and you should receive an automatic acknowledgement by email.  (If you do not receive the cancellation confirmation, you can email us for support).

You must cancel at least 7 days in advance of your next month’s billing date to avoid being charged for an additional month.

What if I need more individual coaching?

For many years, the bulk of my work has been private coaching, and I continue to work with private clients all over the world.

If you would like to talk about private coaching, contact me to schedule a complimentary consultation.  I will have a special package for Pathfinder members.

You will never get a greater value,
a more varied experience,
richer ADD / ADHD training,
higher insight plus a supportive community
for this kind of price

Special VIP offer, by invitation only
Become a Founding Member for just $20/month

This offer won't come around again.

My overwhelm and fear are transforming into hopefulness.

Using Bonnie's strategies, tools and weekly assignments led to changes in my mindset and my willingness to experiment with new behaviors.

I am creating new habits to replace old self-defeating ones.  My overwhelm and fear are transforming into hopefulness.  

I am very pleased and excited by the changes I am making.

Rita S.

The doors are closing February 27.  The next time I open the program for new members, in a few months, the price will be higher.  (Though still a great value!)

Remember, there’s no obligation, and you can cancel any time.

I really DO hope you’ll join the Pathfinder community.   I know it is one decision you will NOT regret!

I look forward to guiding your journey to productivity!

Senior Certified ADHD Coach

P.S. There is nothing like the truly satisfying feeling of being in control of your time and your day, to actually be able to just DO IT when you need to. Life is so much rewarding when you can go to bed feeling you accomplished what you intended to that day. It really is possible! I hope you don''t deny yourself that possibility.