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An informal online questionnaire to determine if you have a significant number of typical Adult ADD – ADHD traits. Self-test of Adult ADD symptoms.

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Why You’re Late with ADHD

There’s NOT time for one more thing…. If you’re like most people with ADD / ADHD, you probably struggle with being on time. There are many different reasons that individuals with ADD can be chronically late for meetings, appointments or social events.   One common reason for many people is believing there’s time to fit in Read post.

ADHD people may focus best in public places

Where do you focus best with ADHD?

Waiting for the dentist…. I did my most productive and focused work all week during 45 minutes on my laptop in the dentist’s waiting room. In fact, in that short time I got much more done than I would have in my home office. The experience reminded me how important the environment is to those Read post.

The ADHD Could-Should Dilemma

The ADHD Could-Should Dilemma

Don’t dampen your possibilities with self-doubts I had a coaching session today with Anna, an inspiring young woman who had just finished my Procrastination Transformation program. Like many people with ADD / ADHD, she has talents and passionate interests in many areas. She has an advanced degree and career in software design, has been promoted Read post.