Bonnie Mincu is regularly invited to present on ADD / ADHD topics. Her style is highly facilitative and interactive, using natural humor to convey her message in a way that is easy to learn and remember. Prior to founding Thrive with ADD, Bonnie was a corporate trainer for 10 years in Fortune 500 companies.

Thrive with ADD Training Programs
Bonnie Mincu in the Media

Key Presentations  – Bonnie Mincu on ADHD

  • “How to be On Time without Tricking Yourself”Crush Your ADHD at Work & School Summit with Alan P. Brown – August 2024
  • “Helping Your Child Create Organizing Rituals to be Most Productive with Schoolwork” – ADHD Parenting Summit – July 2024
  • “Become a Confident Decider: How to End Analysis Paralysis”ADDClasses 20th Anniversary, June 2024
  • “Project Breakdown: How to break down a large or complex project”ADHD Toolbox Summit, March 2024
  • “Why Your Follow-Through Fizzles”Crush Your ADHD Summit, January 2024
  • “How to End Self-Sabotage from ‘Fear of Looking Stupid'”ADHD Awareness Expo, October 2023
  • “The Real ABC's of Prioritizing: Anticipation, Blocks & Consequences”Crush Your ADHD at Work & School Summit with Alan P. Brown – August 2023
  • “Essential Process Skills to Break Project Paralysis” – Graduate School Success Summit – May 2023
  • “Communication Breakdown: What's ADHD Got to Do with It?” Support Talk Radio podcast with Lynne Edris May 17, 2023 –
  • “Develop an Accurate Time Sense” – Unleashed ADHD Entrepreneurs, May 2023
  • “Your REAL Triggers and Roadblocks When You Can’t Get Started” Crush Your ADHD Summit, January 2023
  • “Quick-Start for Planning Anything”See Beyond ADHD Summit, November 2022
  • “Interpersonal Communication & ADHD: What’s ADHD Got to Do with it?”–  ADHD Awareness Expo online conference, November 2022
  • “How to Finish and Follow Through on Projects & Business”ADHD Entrepreneurs Summit – September 2022
  • “Late No More”The ADHD Toolbox online summit, April 2022
  • “Shame, Fear & Avoidance”Time to Thrive program, January 2022
  • “Develop a Time Sense: ADHD Myths & Mysteries About Time” – ADHD Awareness Expo online conference, October 2021
  • “What Triggers Your Roadblocks” – Toronto ADHD Support Group, May 4, 2021
  • “You Don't Have to Be So Overwhelmed”Neuro-Divergent Girls Interview Series, April 22, 2021
  • “Roadblocks, Minefields & Blindspots: How to recognize and avoid them before they trip you up again” – Time to Thrive program, January 2021
  • “Late No More: 11 Reasons for ADHD Lateness & their Solutions” – ADHD Awareness Expo online conference, October 2020
  • “What Triggers Your Roadblocks: Going Beneath the Surface” – The ADHD Toolbox online summit, February 2020
  • “Writing Breakthrough in 3 Steps: How to Write Anything Quickly & Easily” – ADHD Awareness Expo online conference, October 2018
  • “Overwhelmed or Helpless: The Difference Matters” – ADHD Awareness Expo online conference, October 2017 (replayed 2019)
  • “How to Make the Right Decision with Confidence” – ADHD Awareness Expo online conference, October 2016
  • “Quick & Dirty Guide for Planning for the Planning-Challenged” – Close the Intention Gap online summit with Dr. Kari Miller, December 2016
  • “ADHD and Self-Awareness Blind Spots” –  ADHD Awareness Expo online conference, 2015
  • “Develop a Time Sense: ADD Myths and Mysteries about Time” – ADHD Success Plan for Women online conference with Dr. Kari Miller, November 9, 2015
  • “Overcoming Obstacles to Time Management” – 2-hour Master Class at Virtual ADHD Conference, October 2013″
  • “The Shame-Avoidance Spiral: How to Regain Rationality when Emotions Hijack Your Brain” – Virtual ADHD Conference, October 2012
  • “Get Out of ADD-Time; Learn to be ON-Time” – Virtual ADHD Conference, October 2011
  • “Overwhelmed! Techniques to Break Through Mental Paralysis” – Virtual ADHD Conference, October 2010
  • “Proactive Strategies to Avoid Workplace Pitfalls” – Virtual ADHD Conference 2009
  • “From Perceptions to Office Politics: Managing the Pitfalls of Work” – Live presentation at ADDA Conference, Minneapolis, July 2008
  • “Treatment for Adult ADD” Segment for Public Broadcasting TV Featured ADD Coach for American Business Review's segment, distributed to all PBS TV stations in U.S., November 2003
  • “The Coaching Approach for Attention Deficit Disorder” Keynote speaker: North Shore Learning Disabilities Professionals annual dinner meeting, Chicago, May 2003
  • Getting It Done 101: Reaching Your GoalsManhattan Adult ADD Support Group, October 2002
  • How to Coach the Client with Attention Deficit Disorder TraitsInternational Coaching Federation-New York, Sept. 2002
  • Attention Deficit Disorder Traits: How to Catch Them, Coach Them, and Avoid Frustration” Long Island Coaching Association, March 2002
  • From Potential to Profitability: Building Your Coaching PracticeInternational Coaching Federation-NY, Jan 2002
  • Coaching Skills for Human Resource ProfessionalsSociety of Human Resource Managers-NY, February 2001

 Training on ADHD for Other Organizations


  • “Overwhelmed! 8 Techniques to Break Through the Paralysis” – ADDClasses – Overwhelmed Expert Series, December 2018
  • “Thrive with ADHD in the Workplace” New York University – Continuing Education Division, full-day workshop 2004-2014
  • “The Real ABCs of Prioritizing: Anticipation, Blocks & Consequences” ADDClasses (Judged Top ADHD Webinar of 2017)
  • “Get Unstuck with Mind-Mapping: Your Best Tool for Writing, Planning or Study” ADDClasses, June 21, 2016
  • “Throw Out the Rule Book for the ADHD Client”  National Organization of Professional Organizers (NAPO) Continuing Education, Feb. 2016

Thrive with ADD TRAINING & WORKSHOPS – See the PROGRAMS section for Bonnie's extensive training and workshops on ADD / ADHD-related topics.

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