Great gifts or personal statements! Use these illustrations to communicate with empathy and humor about the unique ways that ADD traits can add creativity and productivity to life.

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Creative Genius at Work

She seems to be lost in an inattentive daydream, but usually has 20 ideas in her head at once and comes up with solutions no one else has ever thought of. When she tries to get through those boring work papers, somehow, creative pursuits take over. In her environment, life is chaotic, cluttered, and fun.

The Multi-Tasker

He lives life to the fullest. This guy can work, exercise, keep up to date on investments, plan his vacation, and walk the dog simultaneously. What you’ll never find him doing is sitting still! Some may call him hyper-active, but he’s never bored for a moment.

About the artist… These concepts were illustrated by Peter Fasolino. To see more of his creative and unique illustrations, visit

Copyright © Bonnie Mincu 2003-2012, “Creative Genius at Work” and “The Multi-Tasker.” All rights reserved in all media.

Creative Genius T Shirt
  • These shirts are 100% cotton, in white to show off the colorful design message.
  • Large or Extra-large sizes make a fun night-shirt for smaller people.
  • Length from shoulder seam approximately 30″.
  • Choose either “Creative Genius” or “Multi-Tasker” design.




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Multi Tasker Mousepad
  • What desk is complete without a mouse pad with a point of view? Makes a great gift.
  • 7 3/4″ h x 8″ w
  • Choose either “Creative Genius” or “Multi-Tasker” design.

Mouse Pad



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