Rituals to Change Habits

The Secret to Effective ADD / ADHD Living 

Rituals for New Habits

Procrastination, poor follow-through and disorganization are typical challenges faced by ADD Adults. These come about as a result of habits and behaviors of avoidance and distraction. The longer you avoid doing what is needed to achieve effective living, the more overwhelmed and paralyzed you’re likely to feel.

Does this look like your day?

Ineffective ADD habits often begin first thing in the morning. You may stay in bed late to put off beginning your work day. Or perhaps you arrive at work, but spend an hour on emails and web surfing, or searching for the papers you need to begin work. Instead of making necessary phone calls, you might spend inefficient time reorganizing your call list.

As your work day moves on, you jump from task to task, while papers pile up. At the end of the day, you may jumble everything in one pile, finally leaving much later than you had hoped, with much of your TO-DO list still undone.

At home, you may face more disorganization, and perhaps disappointment from your family that you’re not able to spend more time with them in the evening. At night, although you’ve promised yourself to get to bed earlier, you can’t break away from what you’re doing. Suddenly it’s 2:00 A.M., and you’re facing another day coming without enough sleep.

How do you break out of this pattern?  Habits

Create new habits that work with the flow of your brain

You’ve probably tried in the past to start better habits. If it were so easy, by now you would be working and living in perfect balance, while meeting each day’s obligations and reaching all your goals. But you’ve found that creating new habits is NOT easy! You may have started what seemed like a good habit, only to find that it didn’t last long.

Effective habits form out of customized rituals

With ADD, you’ve probably found that the rules of conventional wisdom usually don’t work for you when you try to apply them. You probably need to do a pleasurable activity before you feel able to begin an obligatory task.

In this telephone class, you’ll learn how to create your own most effective rituals based on activities that give you serenity, focus and pleasure. These individual ritual activities will allow you to flow easily into tasks or transitions that you otherwise tend to avoid.

What’s Covered in the Class

This 90-minute teleclass is interactive, with information given as well as time for you to ask questions and share experiences.

In “Rituals to Change Habits,” you will learn:

  • Why you can be more productive beginning your day with a pleasurable activity, rather than starting right in to work
  • How to create rituals for planning your day and week
  • How to determine what kind of rituals will work best for you in different situations
  • How to differentiate a good transition ritual from an addictive activity to avoid
  • Rituals to painlessly get through mundane daily “maintainance” tasks like filing, updating and paperwork

You’ll leave this class with a new blueprint for starting the projects you’ve been putting off, following through on your plans, and breaking out of paralysis and overwhelm. DOWNLOAD NOW!

This class is led by Bonnie Mincu, MA, MBA, ADD Coach.

Notes and Audio Recording

Upon registration/purchase, you’ll receive an immediate email with links to DOWNLOAD the audio recording and notes.

CLICK HERE to download notes and audio.Listen at your convenience

Length – 90 minutes      Price – $37


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