Testimonials from ADHD Coaching Clients

“Bonnie Mincu threw out the proverbial lifeline to me at time when I was drowning in an ocean of anxiety and stress related to ADD-related time-management and organizational difficulties. I had recently begun working as a full-time freelance writer, and was struggling to meet the demands of several clients. It had come to the point where I was almost paralyzed by deadlines and faced losing my clients because I was perpetually late with copy. My self estem had plummeted, I felt extreme shame over what I perceived as past failures, and was beginning to doubt my ability as a writer.

I called Bonnie on a day when I had a 2,400-word newsletter due within 24 hours and had not started writing it. I was paralyzed by the seeming impossibility of the task and ashamed that I was so ‘lazy.’ She did not judge me for not starting the newsletter earlier. Rather, she explained that procrastination is rarely a matter of laziness–its root causes can involve anything from a fear of failure to an inability to confront a task with multiple, complex steps. In my case it was the latter, and Bonnie immediately got to work in walking me through the Mind Mapping technique. Together, we figured out the main steps involved in writing and editing the newsletter, and I was able to turn it in by the deadline.

In subsequent sessions, through her Time Sense exercise, Bonnie taught me how to gain an accurate estimate of how long tasks truly take. I soon was able to plan my weekly schedule in a realistic way, and therefore give myself time for both work and relaxation–something I desperately needed. Once I was able to get a handle on my schedule and time management abilities, my self confidence and belief in my writing talent returned. Now I can truly say I am not just a freelance writer, but a SUCCESSFUL freelance writer. I have not missed a deadline since the day I first called Bonnie. She was one of the best investments I ever made in my career and my personal well-being. I highly recommend her services.”

S.M. – freelance writer, New York City

“There is no way I can express my thanks to Bonnie for all the help I got from her in during our summer sessions.

I didn’t know much about ADD but knew from various tests I took and various learning disabilities that something was not right with my own life. Bonnie helped me to clarify areas in my life where I was disorganized, scattered and not functioning to the best of my abilities. I was given tools to cope with ADD and to learn to function more easily. She helped me accept myself and feel confident.

My work situation gradually improved and I even applied to The New School to finish my undergraduate degree. With her help I was able to write 3 essays 500 words each for their admissions application. I never thought in a million years I would ever be able to accomplish that. Well, I did write the essays and I am starting school in September. I would thoroughly recommend Bonnie to anyone who wishes to learn more about themselves in regard to ADD and how to live with it. ”

A.M., New York

“I first sought ADD coaching at a time when things weren’t going very well in my life. I’m 50 years old and had achieved a level of success in my career. I had been a vice president in a Fortune 500 company. I had left that position to work for a family owned business. On December 27, 2002 I was fired. When I could not find suitable work I started consulting. Since then, the consulting work had not been meeting our expenses. I had good clients in good relationships in my industry but my ADD was preventing me from thriving.

My marriage of 26 years was also at its lowest point. We were faced with losing our big home. I had foolishly borrowed all I could in order to maintain our lifestyle. Emotionally, it was a very dark time for me and my wife.

I was praying that God would help me, that he would send me a lifesaver, that he would show me some light at the end of the tunnel. Bonnie was the answer to that prayer. I had listened in on one of Bonnie’s, teleconference training sessions on mind mapping several weeks before. Then, when I was truly at my lowest point I gave Bonnie a call. She has been my coach for the last 90 days.

Working out of a home-based office and traveling to see my clients. I found that I would often waste oceans of time on unproductive activities. Naturally, I would firmly decide to stop practicing that behavior, but anyone with ADD knows just how hard that really is. Bonnie started me off with several of her tried and true coaching strategies. I think my time for daily reflections and analysis, was the most beneficial. Her “time sense exercise” and numerous simple organizational techniques were all part of the package.

Once I was on the mend my productivity jumped immediately. Soon I learned that Bonnie had significant training and experience in business, I found that she had knowledge of best practices for consulting practitioners to use in their business. With Bonnie’s coaching I have learned to structure my engagements so that I am compensated for the value of my 26 years experience in my field.

I have always been sought after by clients, but now I’m able to complete their work (and bill them) on a timely basis. They are delighted and so am I.

As a result of Bonnie’s coaching my income has shot up from below six figures annually to well above what I was earning in a corporate environment. I love the exciting opportunities my business is providing me. I am now thriving in my business and harnessing my gift of ADD.

Looking back, the biggest pressure in my marriage was coming from my wife’s need for security. Now, with our finances on the rebound my wife is told me that she has a sense of peace that she has not felt in a long, long time. With our emotional health restored we are both able to meet each other’s needs. My marriage represents the most important human relationship in my life. Since my turnaround we’re both excited about what the future holds for us.

I thank God for answering my Prayer with Bonnie Mincu.”

E.M., Illinois

“After discovering at age 43 that ADD is the reason for so many of my struggles in life, I decided it was time to get professional help to change the patterns that have been limiting my personal effectiveness. Following the recommendations of Dr. Hallowell (Driven to Distraction), I pursued the multi-modal approach of education, medication and coaching to developing strategies that minimize the negative aspects of ADD. After investing in a six month coaching relationship with Bonnie and purchasing (I think) every resource she offers, I have reached a new place in life where I am no longer a victim of my own limitations. And while I still struggle with consistently practicing the strategies that Bonnie has helped me to discover, I now know what to do and am doing the right things more frequently.

Bonnie Mincu, and the tools she makes available through www.thrivewithadd.com, have been a vital part of the process that has brought greater life-balance and self-awareness than I have ever known before. She has helped me to move forward in my personal and business life and to implement my vision as an entrepreneur. If you are looking for someone who will walk with you through your daily challenges and help you manifest your deepest intentions, I highly recommend to you my coach – someone I now consider a dear friend – Bonnie Mincu.”

Larry Crane, GA, www. prolifica.org

“By my early forties, I had neatly compartmentalized the key areas of my life- career, relationships, home/living environment- into a deeply unfulfilled personal constellation. At that point I entered into a coaching arrangement with Bonnie Mincu. With Bonnie’s expertise, my life priorities and their natural ordering began to take shape. We then worked toward turning these priorities into positive visions, motivators for action. The final stage was the development of an action plan, concrete steps that would lead to these goals.

Based on my work with Bonnie, positive change has become the norm in my life, and I couldn’t be more pleased. I’ve switched careers, have more meaningful frienships than ever before, and am proactively exploring new places to live. I strongly recommend Bonnie Mincu as a coach, and/or catalyst for positive change.”

Art Feinman, NY (Melbourne, Australia)

“Months after my father’s death, I felt overwhelmed, which was causing me continuing distress. I had been working with a therapist, but knew I needed to quit talking about my anxiety and take action. Working with Bonnie weekly for several months has been a tremendous relief and joy. I now have someone as invested in my well-being as I am. When I get off track, she reminds me of the goals we set the previous week. Her goal is to help me make my desires happen.

“To date, I haven’t had to say “No” to any of the activities or responsibilities in my life that bring me joy and accomplishment. My self-esteem and self-confidence have risen. I am more effective and efficient and on task in all my projects. Most of all, I now realize I am more than what I can accomplish. I believe I can have everything that’s really important to me. I’d recommend Bonnie for a coach if you want to laugh and feel compassion, and grow your self-esteem and self-awareness all the way there.”

J.W. Tennessee

“I am most pleased with my son’s progress. He speaks very highly of you and all your efforts. If I knew then what I know now about ADD coaching, I would have employed you much earlier in his struggle. I would like to attend your THRIVE WORKSHOP with him — this will bring us closer.

Again, I must thank you for all you’ve done. I can’t believe that I found you on the radio and everything worked out so well.”

C.N. New Jersey

Training & Product Testimonials

“At age 58, I was diagnosed as an Adult with ADD. I am now at the beginning of my discovery journey. Your DEVELOP A TIME SENSE telephone class will be “teaching” me for days to come, and I will be learning from it for the rest of my life. Your website and help are great. Thank you for the important part you are playing in my enlightenment.”

J.F. Michigan

“(Doing your TIME SENSE EXERCISE on a spreadsheet)…was the first real key step for me. I’m very typically ADD — I look at the big picture and ignore the details. Once the details were in place I felt a lot more comfortable with my workload since I knew EXACTLY what my day really involved. That made all the difference in the world because I could track exactly where all my time was spent. Now I get everything worked into my day, and I no longer leave feeling nearly as exhausted.

I’m looking forward to tearing through your “KEYS TO GETTING STARTED E-BOOK” as well as your THRIVE WITH ADD CD. Working with you was a great experience!”

C.W. New Jersey

“‘KEYS TO GETTING STARTED’is a great book! The plethora of self-help books miss the mark on overcoming the various issues of adult ADD; however, your book provides simple and more direct methods of dealing with the project-killing issues such as not being able to get started, and the time-consuming state of paralysis. I’ll try to participate in the “FOLLOWING THROUGH” telephone class next week.”

T.A. Indiana

“The ‘REACH YOUR GOALS’ ADD COACHING GROUP was so interesting and useful and the group quite sympatico. Thanks for hosting it, and contributing so much!”

T.B. New York

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