Develop a Time Sense

Get Out of “ADD-Time!”

Are you tired of making excuses for late appointments and missed deadlines?

"Develop a Time Sense"This teleclass will provide you tools and solutions developed especially for ADD / ADHD Adults to help with lateness and procrastination that comes from having a poor sense of time.


Learn to Develop a Time Sense

The first challenge most ADDers have is not having a “time sense.” You're late because you really have no idea how long things take. That affects getting places, finishing projects… just about everything in life! I developed a paper-and-pencil tool, the Time Sense Exercise, especially for my ADHD coaching clients. It's deceptively simple, and can make an enormous difference in your life. So you won't be embarrassed by dramatically under-estimating how long things take you.

From There, Create Customized Strategies

Once you improve your time sense, you still may experience chronic lateness due to other ADD traits and tendencies. But you'll then be ready to identify and work on your behavior patterns in a way that based in reality. Other common lateness-producing traits include:

  • procrastination
  • distraction
  • disorganization
  • hyperfocus
  • forgetfulness
  • inability to plan and prioritize
  • trying to fit in “one more thing”

If there are 10 ADD adults in a room who are constantly late, they may have 10 different reasons why they are late. So the strategies and solutions that work for you may be completely different from those that will work for other ADDers.

The focus of this teleclass is to help you pinpoint exactly what difficulties you are having with time, provide a way that you can dramatically improve your time sense, and to suggest solutions that help a number of different kinds of lateness issues.

Further strategies and solutions will be covered in depth, by topic, in other recordings.

Who should take this telephone class?

  • Adults or mature teens who have been diagnosed with ADD (AD/HD) and cannot meet assignment deadlines
  • People in relationships where one or both partners exhibit frustrating traits of ADD, including chronic lateness
  • Employers with staff who inexplicably fail to live up to their potential, or cannot maintain effective work habits due to poor time management skills
  • Coaches or therapists with clients showing ADD-like traits that are getting in the way of their treatment

What’s covered in the class?

This 90-minute teleclass will be a combination of information and discussion.

Download links to Recording and Notes in E-Mail

Immediately upon registration/purchase, you'll be sent an email with links to DOWNLOAD the class recording, PDF file for the Time Sense Exercise, instructions, and notes summarizing the class.

Getting out of “ADD-Time” can change your life. So don’t procrastinate and miss signing up for this class. DOWNLOAD NOW!


This class is led by Bonnie Mincu, MA, MBA, ADD Coach.

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Length – 90 minutes


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