Determining ADD – ADHD

“Do I Have ADD?”

ADD / ADHD Adult Self Test

Take Free Self-Test Questionnaire on ADD / ADHD traits…

See if you fit the profile of an Attention Deficit Disorder adult.

Only a diagnostic specialist can ultimately determine if a person has Attention Deficit Disorder, and can prescribe medication or medical treatment for it. However, before seeking treatment, this informal questionnaire can help you to determine if you have a significant number of typical Adult ADD – ADHD symptoms and traits.

This self-test is more thorough than most, but simple to take.  Just print it out and circle the traits that you relate to, if the trait is pervasive, persistent, and prohibiting your quality of life.  If you count at least ten, you may want to see an ADD / ADHD Adult diagnostician.

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 Adult ADD-ADHD Self-Test
Whether or not you get a formal diagnosis, you CAN learn to thrive with your traits and tendencies! Check out the Thrive with ADD Blog, and watch for strategies, insights and training by email.

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Self-Test Compiled by Bonnie Mincu
Business & Personal Coach, Specializing in
Adult Attention Deficit Disorder

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