Recommended Resources for ADD / ADHD Adults

Useful Links and Resources for ADD / ADHD Adults

“The Attention Movie”

5-minute on-line video of Adult ADD / ADHD

See a touching 5-minute film about the the triumphs and challenges of Adult Attention Deficit Disorder. “The Attention Movie” was produced by Thrive with ADD to help spread awareness of ADD / ADHD in adults. Within days of its debut, it quickly was sent by email to thousands of people around the world.

View it now at

How ADHD Affects Marriage: Blog and Forum

Melissa Orlov and Dr. Ned Hallowell have created a blog and forum dedicated to helping couples thrive when one or both of them has ADHD. Blog posts provide insight into how ADHD impacts your relationship, and what to do about it, while the forum area provides a way to ask questions, and read the stories of others who are experiencing the same kinds of problems. It is a rich and unique resource for adults trying to solve thorny marital issues.

Subscribe at the website

ADHD Basics: Resources for Families is a valuable information repository for parents of ADHD kids. Along with articles on ADHD symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and coping skills, there are videos on medical treatment, answers from a pharmacist, and information on Adult ADHD as well. You’ll also find helpful advice on related conditions.

Click here to visit the ADHD section of

10 Early Warning Signs for ADHD for Children who’s dedicated to helping people compare the best nanny agencies, including analyzing their background checks and comparing all of the services being offered just posted this great article.

Check out the article by clicking here.  

Holistic Approach for ADHD Children

“The Brain Lady,” Deb Burdick has created a comprehensive home-study system for parents called “A Holistic Approach to Successful Children with Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder.”

Deb Burdick is a psychotherapist and neurofeedback practioner. Her 14-step holistic program includes 11 CD’s by experts in several key areas such as:

  • Overview of a Holistic Approach to Successful Children with ADHD
  • Naturopathic Medicine and How Does It Approach Treatment of ADHD Symptoms
  • What is Neurofeedback and What It Can Do for You or Your Child
  • Medications for ADHD
  • A Healthy Diet and How to Be Sure Our Food Choices Are Increasing Our Success and Well Being
  • Let’s Talk about Sleep
  • How to Improve Your Child’s Behavior and Relationships
  • Organizing Your Child
  • What Every Parent Should Know about Talking with Their Child’s School about ADHD
  • Meditation for Sleep and to Improve Concentration (Meditation CD’s included!)

Click here to visit the website at to sign up for free reports on ADHD treatment. Once you’re on The Brain Lady’s webpage, hit the “Click Here to Enter Site” button for Deb Burdick’s complete program of products, including the “Holistic Approach to Successful Children” home-study course.

ADD / ADHD Medication – Most Common Questions

by Dr. Scott Shapiro, ADHD Psychiatrist

Get information on medication and treatment for ADD / ADHD and co-occurring conditions from  Dr. Scott Shapiro, psychiatrist, psychopharmacologist, speaker and educator about ADHD.

Click here to access Dr. Shapiro’s website and blog:

General Resource Site for ADHD

Dr. Jerry Rodgers is compiling a resource website for ADHD. Find explanations, articles, resources, diagnostic tools and more. “Dr. Jerry” is committed to help you separate the facts from the fiction. Visit the website at

Nutrition Connection to ADD / ADHD

What do foods have to do with ADD? Common “healthy”, but highly allergic foods can actually cause attentional symptoms!

Research conducted by psychologist Dr. Teeya Scholten over the last 15 years show that within a week of eliminating suspected foods, 85% of individuals presenting with attentional symptoms felt better. Of this group, 15% of her clients no longer reported attentional symptoms and 20% no longer reported depression.

Take Dr. Scholten’s Self-Evaluation to see if you are sensitive to certain foods.

College Students with Disabilities

This comprehensive Guide for College Students with Disabilities includes ADD / ADHD and co-occurring conditions. Find out about your legal rights, applying for accommodations, evaluating colleges’ disability resources and more.

“We Connect Now” is a website developed by Gabriela McCall Delgado in an effort to connect and integrate college students with disabilities as a virtual community with a voice on important issues.  The website has been up and serving college students with disabilities since April of 2008.

Information on Disability / SSI and ADHD

The Disability and Social Security Resource Center offers information on applying for social security benefits when declaring ADHD a disability. The website presents the legal process for applying for ADHD and other disabilities at


Other Recommended Resources

(Not for ADD / ADHD Only)

Self-Improvement Online Encyclopedia

Visit the highest-ranked self-growth website for expert resources in all areas of your life — from health to learning. You’ll find excellent information on helpful solutions for you and your family. Start any self-development search at

Career Advice from Coach Dale Kurow

Do you crave some expert guidance in moving your career forward? New York Career Coach Dale Kurow provides compassionate assistance and straightforward advice, without the fluff. She specializes in advising her clients on the steps to getting the job or promotion they want. Dale helps her clients gain a clearer picture of their goals, provides practical tools, and helps transform their career anxiety into positive action.

Click here to check out Dale’s high-value informational products:

  • “Master the 7 Qualities Top Recruiters Seek”-audio recording and companion guide plus bonuses
  • “Phone Interview Skills Sharpened Right Here”e-book
  • “Surefire Networking Tips” e-book

For easy-to-read, solid, expert career advice presented with humor from someone who knows, visit

Guide to College Internships

Understanding how to land a top internship can help students accelerate their real world learning and improve future job prospects.  This comprehensive Guide gives the ins and outs of navigating the challenge of getting the right internship.

Click here to download the Guide to College Internships.

Informational Site for Menopause

For women age 35 and up, even years before reaching menopause, estrogen begins to decrease. This gradual hormonal drop tends to make ADD symptoms seem worse. Before assuming your ADD is worsening, or that you require a higher dose of ADD medication, read about menopause symptoms and treatments at this informational site.

Visit the Menopause and Black Cohosh Information Center for in-depth analysis of treatment options, informational articles regarding menopause, and researched methods of effectively dealing with menopause.

Learn How to Create or Modify Your Website

If you have an independent business, or would like to promote yourself online for any reason at all, you need a website that presents you well. But learning what you need to know just to get started can be staggering. “Dave’s Site” at is a great website of FREE TUTORIALS that walk you through the basics, step by step, at your own pace. And it’s not just useful for beginners. This information will teach anyone how to make their website more effective.

Click on Dave’s Website Workstation to find tutorials on basic website design, a beginners’ guide to the Internet, and HTML coding. Whether you want to learn it yourself, or simply understand it better, this is great information.

HINT: To avoid falling into ADD overwhelm, download the guides to your own computer and just read a tiny bit at a time!

Information on Credentials for Career in Counseling

Your own struggles with ADD / ADHD could make you an excellent and empathetic counselor for others.  If you’ve ever considered a career as a counselor, here is an excellent informational website that has compiled all the schools offering various programs towards obtaining a counseling certificate or degree.  It allows you to search by state, and by type of program or credential offered, and talks about different types of counseling careers.

Check out the Counseling Career website at


 Careers in Counseling Psychology

Have you considered a career in counseling or psychology?  A number of counselors, social workers and psychologists are ADD / ADHD.  Here is a website to help you determine if Counseling Psychology is a career option that’s right for you, by furthering your education in Psychology.

Click here to visit the Counseling Psychology website.


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