Overview of Adult ADD

Length90 minutes

“Why is your Christmas tree still up in July?”

Adult ADD ADHD: Is Your Christmas Tree Still up in July?This was the first question people would ask me when they visited. I didn’t have a good answer – I really didn’t notice the 4-foot silk tree, and certainly didn’t feel motivated to put it away!

It was only in my mid-40’s, after being diagnosed with ADD, that I realized my lifelong tendency of not noticing what was in front of me was a trait typical of Inattentive-Type ADD. Of course, many others  with ADD / ADHD are the opposite. They notice everything, and are constantly distracted by everyday stimuli.

Adult ADD / ADHD traits run the gamut, from the inability to start projects (much less finish them) to the chronic tendency to say absolutely the wrong thing at the wrong time (telling your wife’s boss his tie is ugly), to having one’s entire desk and floor covered with miscellaneous piles of paper (you know where things are!) When you’re ADD, traditional coaching methods and self-help books usually don’t work for you. You genuinely want to change, but can’t understand why you aren’t able to follow through. For people with ADD, this has been a lifelong struggle that – for many — has resulted in lost jobs, relationships and self-esteem.

This telephone class was developed to help you understand Adult ADD / ADHD better, so you can start creating strategies and solutions to reach higher effectiveness in all aspects of life. The goal is to THRIVE with ADD.


Who should take this telephone class?

  • Adults or mature teens who have been diagnosed with ADD (AD/HD)
  • People who suspect that they, or someone close to them, struggles with ADD
  • People in relationships where one or both partners exhibit frustrating traits of ADD
  • Employers with staff who inexplicably fail to live up to their potential, or cannot maintain effective work habits
  • Coaches or therapists with clients showing ADD-like traits that are getting in the way of their treatment


What’s covered in the class?

This 90-minute recorded teleclass will be 60 minutes of information, with 30 minutes built in for discussion and questions.

Covering the basics of Adult ADD / ADHD, we will:

  • Discuss typical ADD traits, including many that may surprise you
  • Explore the intriguing paradox of inattention and hyper-focus
  • Acknowledge the strengths of ADD, as well as its frustrations.
  • Explain the reasons why ADD creates challenges in everyday life
  • Learn why ADD affects executive functions of the brain, like planning, prioritizing and long-term goal setting
  • Discuss the higher incidence of other disorders that accompany ADD
  • Understand why ADDers are more prone to addiction and stimulation-seeking behavior
  • Suggest helpful, versus non-productive, strategies to break through frustrating ADD habits
  • Touch upon various treatment options (NOTE: This class will NOT cover treatment in depth)

Handouts and Recording links Sent by E-Mail

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Plus, you’ll get a link to download a recording of the class to listen to again at your convenience.

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This class is led by Bonnie Mincu, MA, MBA, ADD Coach.

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