“Workplace Strategies for Those with ADD”

Sunday, November 4, 2012


Continuing Education Division – No grades, no pressure!

Bonnie Mincu, ADHD Coach and founder of Thrive with ADD, is giving her popular THRIVE WITH ADD WORKSHOP through New York University.

THRIVE with ADD at WORK deepens your understanding of Adult ADD, while teaching you tools and techniques to help you in your job and career.

This Fall, join other ADD /ADHD Adults for a day in learning how your own special brain works, and how to best work with it to thrive on the job. Through exercises, discussion, and lecture, you’ll enjoy discovering insights about yourself and Adult ADD, as well as finding your own best strategies for work, tasks and projects.

You’ll learn practical strategies for typical ADD ADHD challenges, as well as an increased understanding of how to manage the perceptions of others and navigate office politics.

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The Secrets to Getting Started

4-week program of Solutions, Structure and Support

Have you suffered a lifetime of difficulty getting started on tasks and projects? Although you and others may have labeled it “procrastination,” much of what people with ADD / ADHD experience is more like “mental paralysis.”

The problem could encompass a variety of factors, including being blocked, stuck, not sure what to do or how to start, difficulty breaking things down, or overwhelmed. Each of these distinct problems require a different solution.

This breakthrough program helps you truly identify the problem, and gives you the RIGHT strategy  to solve it.

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Fall 2012

Virtual Course for ADD ADHD Adults

Watch for announcements of a new, in-depth training program of strategies, solutions and support to gain control in your job and career.


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