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Bonnie Mincu

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You can actually coach yourself into finding your best solutions, simply by examining what is derailing your from doing what you set out to do each day.

Think of the excuses you have for not doing what you intend to do.  I know…you feel they're just too embarrassing to tell people.  Often, it's probably something like “I forgot,” or “I couldn't find what I needed.”  Or even “I couldn't bear having to look for what I needed!”

These sometimes lame-sounding “excuses” are actually your personal ROADBLOCKS that rob you of daily productivity and keep you from achieving your goals.  And if you really pay attention to them, they can point the way to your solutions for ending procrastination and mental paralysis.


Please join me TONIGHT for a free LIVE teleseminar:

Getting Started:  Your Roadblocks Point the Way
 Wednesday, May 9

9:00 PM Eastern (note the time in your time zone)
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  • To attend by phone, call in to (206) 402-0100 (PIN Code: 750795#)


If you haven't seen my video yet with the “Key” tool diagram to help you identify your roadblocks — or you can't make the date tonight —
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I hope to “see” you tonight!

Author: Bonnie Mincu
Senior Certified ADHD Coach, Founder of "Thrive with ADD," Bonnie has been coaching adults with ADD / ADHD traits since 2001. She has developed numerous training programs to help with the challenges of Adult Attention Deficit Disorder.

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Bonnie, there are no words to express how deeply I’ve been affected by your blog! I’ve only read a few things, but they have created such a complete mind shift that the tears shed have washed away my struggles forever!

For the first time in my life I feel understood and hopeful that I can put some tools and systems in place to help me overcome!”

—Michelle near Seattle

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