Surviving Zoomland with adhd

Got Zoom fatigue? Learn ADHD survival tactics for professional virtual meetings from home.

The coronavirus is forcing many to suddenly work at home, posing productivity challenges for those with ADHD. See tips for a successful transition.

Imposter Syndrome is common with ADHD; you feel like a fraud.

It’s common for successful ADHD people to feel like a fraud, living under constant fear of being “found out.” Psychologists call this “Imposter Syndrome.” It can take a toll on your professional and personal life.

ADHD personal life distracts from work

It’s tough to focus on work during a time of personal crisis, with or without ADHD. Here’s how to stay productive when your mind is going around on a “What If…?!” hamster wheel.

Have you been embarrassed at not remembering what you’ve been told, or “mis-remembering” an appointment?

The problem isn’t your memory; it’s thinking you should be relying on memory in the first place.

With ADHD, we’re sometimes faulted for impulsiveness. But the ability to make GOOD decisions very quickly is actually an asset. Read how impulsive decision-making can work to your advantage.

Workplace Accommodations ADHD

Should you or shouldn’t you?

A diagnosis of ADHD does not automatically entitle an employee to accommodations.  How you prepare for the conversation can make all the difference.

ADHD and think you're superman?

Are you avoiding doing your job well for fear of asking for help? Take off that Superman cape; it’s ok to be merely mortal.

It's not ADD to write things down To organized people, taking notes is just common sense Have you been embarrassed at not remembering what you're told at…

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