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ADHD Productivity Strategy Sessions week of August 27

September is looming fast, bringing with it an expectation of new beginnings and renewed productivity. It's time for the Fall rush once again.

Have those projects you thought you'd get to in the summer gotten done?  Let's be frank, probably most of them haven't even gotten started!

Do you feel ready for the challenge AT WORK?

Some people get pushed into self-improvement mode by their employers.  This month I started working with three new clients who each had been given an urgent wake-up call by their employers, in the form of negative performance reviews.

In entirely different professions, and from different parts of the country, all three ADD / ADHD adults were told that they were being given a last chance to straighten out their habits or lose their jobs.  Although they had known for quite a while that their chronic lateness, disorganization, and procrastination was causing problems, it took a final concrete threat to make them finally take action and seek help through ADHD Coaching.

Because their jobs are on the line, we're working in an intense, accelerated manner — and they're making fast progress!

Will this Fall be your wake-up call?

Learning how to conquer stressful, high-maintenance ADHD-type habits can make all the difference between a series of so-so jobs and a successful career.  But habits don't change by themselves, and you've probably been unsuccessful trying to change them on your own.   You don't need to wait for the threat of losing your job or your clients to tackle your demons!

Free Strategy Session week of August 27

My Thrive with ADD coaching and training programs this fall will be centered around ADHD Productivity. If it's critical time for you to focus on your own productivity issues, I invite you to schedule one of my LIMITED free Strategy Sessions the week of August 27.  I want to help you turn around habits that are holding you back in your job, career or business, or in finishing your advanced degree.

How to apply for a Free Strategy Session:  When you click on the link below, I'll ask you to answer a few brief questions to determine if your current needs are a good fit for the ADHD Productivity Strategy Sessions I'm doing at this time. If so, I'll contact you to book your complementary 30-45 minute Strategy Session this week.

There's no obligation.  If timing or fit isn't right for you with this Strategy Session, there will be other programs and training coming up.

If you're ready to climb out of the pit, to invest in yourself and get serious about making a productive leap forward THIS WEEK, click here!

Author: Bonnie Mincu
Senior Certified ADHD Coach, Founder of "Thrive with ADD," Bonnie has been coaching adults with ADD / ADHD traits since 2001. She has developed numerous training programs to help with the challenges of Adult Attention Deficit Disorder.

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Bonnie, there are no words to express how deeply I’ve been affected by your blog! I’ve only read a few things, but they have created such a complete mind shift that the tears shed have washed away my struggles forever!

For the first time in my life I feel understood and hopeful that I can put some tools and systems in place to help me overcome!”

—Michelle near Seattle

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