When you report to a boss – and want to keep your job — the expectations of the organization can replace the need for motivation.  But what do you do if there is no boss or deadline?

ADHD people may focus best in public places

Waiting for the dentist?  I did my most productive and focused work all week during 45 minutes on my laptop in the dentist’s waiting room.

In fact, in that short time I got much more done than I would have in my home office….

How to Stop ADHD Overwhelm - Mini Video

Mini-training video #1:  How to Stop ADHD Overwhelm

There’s no one-size-fits-all techniques for breaking through overwhelm.   The solutions that will work for you must be based on the cause of your overwhelmed feeling, in that moment.  And it may have resulted from a different kind of difficulty that came first.  Is your overwhelm the chicken… or the egg?….

Attention Overwhelm Disorder

Overwhelm keeps 88% of ADD / ADHD adults from getting started, according to The Procrastination Survey.

Surprisingly, unmotivated procrastination is much less of a problem than distraction and inability to plan…

ADHD Procrastination... or mentally stuck?

We can be world-class procrastinators when we’re unmotivated.  But more often, ADD/ADHD adults have trouble getting started for many reasons that have nothing to do with attitude or motivation!  This mental paralysis is different for every individual.  Discover what’s really holding you back with The Procrastination Survey


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