No ADHD shame - practicing self-care

Words matter! When you reframe your negative ADHD self-talk, you banish insecurity and shame from your self image.

Imposter Syndrome is common with ADHD; you feel like a fraud.

It’s common for successful ADHD people to feel like a fraud, living under constant fear of being “found out.” Psychologists call this “Imposter Syndrome.” It can take a toll on your professional and personal life.

ADHD and Shame: How to Ask Anything with Confidence

When you feel shame, it’s especially tough to ask a question of an intimidating person.  Learn 3 rules for asking any question with confidence that you’re NOT looking stupid.


adhd and shame: fear of looking stupid

If you have ADD / ADHD and are afflicted with a self-sabotaging toxic shame, you may avoid asking questions for fear of looking stupid.  The strategy called “Take It to Court” helps you regain a sense of logic, so you can ask necessary questions to look competent.


Parenting with ADD/ADHD

Do you sometimes despair that your ADD traits make you a poor role model for your kids?

What if all this forgetfulness, the misplacing of things and your otherwise scatterbrained missteps turned out to not be such a bad thing after all?

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Why do we feel so alone? This pervasive feeling of “aloneness” that makes shame such a strong ingredient in the ADD soup. It’s hard not to feel you have a dirty secret when you are afraid to let anyone around you know about your struggles.

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