ADHD and Shame: How to Ask Anything with Confidence

When you feel shame, it’s especially tough to ask a question of an intimidating person.  Learn 3 rules for asking any question with confidence that you’re NOT looking stupid.


adhd and shame: fear of looking stupid

If you have ADD / ADHD and are afflicted with a self-sabotaging toxic shame, you may avoid asking questions for fear of looking stupid.  The strategy called “Take It to Court” helps you regain a sense of logic, so you can ask necessary questions to look competent.


With ADHD, we’re sometimes faulted for impulsiveness. But the ability to make GOOD decisions very quickly is actually an asset. Read how impulsive decision-making can work to your advantage.

ADHD Procrastination... or mentally stuck?

We can be world-class procrastinators when we’re unmotivated.  But more often, ADD/ADHD adults have trouble getting started for many reasons that have nothing to do with attitude or motivation!  This mental paralysis is different for every individual.  Discover what’s really holding you back with The Procrastination Survey


Too many choices lead to ADHD paralysis
Indecision is paralyzing for ADHD Adults
I took 4 days off for the long July 4 weekend last week. …

When we aren’t moving forward on getting something done, we tend to fall back on the same old typical Adult ADD / ADHD catch phrases:
I’m procrastinating, I’m overwhelmed… For some reason I just can’t get myself to do it. Instead, we should be thinking of how to identify the REAL roadblock.

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